D.D. Phiri: “We Malawians are lucky to have overseas friends who are writing about Malawi and its people. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Society of Malawi and its latest journal has just come out. From the editor’s note we learn that sister journals which used to exist in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe have long ceased to exist. Malawi’s is still active. Malawians have a lot to emulate and thank those who have shown much affection for this country all over the years. Much valuable knowledge about the nation that was getting forgotten is being preserved through the journal.(…)
“Fellow Malawians, here is a magazine with the stuff to chew and swallow. Buy the journal or join the Society of Malawi. Know yourself though its magazines and lectures.”

The Society of Malawi Journal

Editorial Board
David Stuart-Mogg –  Editor

  • Access the subject index for the journal here.
  • To access the author index follow this link.

The Journal has the distinction of having remained in continuous publication since the first issue of January 1948. It has spanned a fascinating period from the history of colonial Nyasaland through the independence of Malawi (1964) and beyond to the present multi-party era (1994).

The editorial board continue the high standards set by previous editors and the Society is proud to maintain this tradition of excellence.

The journal can now be accessed via JSTOR at the following link https://www.jstor.org/journal/socofmalawij

Hard copies of the Journal are sent free of charge to members. Non-members can also purchase current and some old editions from the library at a reasonable cost.

2 thoughts on “The Journal

  1. Dear Blessings
    If you are based in Blantyre we can arrange to meet and to provide you with a form. Unfortunately the library does not operate as normal during these times but we are about and alive!!
    I will pass on your email to the secretary to email you a form.
    For your record you may communicate with us by email at societyofmalawi@africa-online.net.
    Kind regards


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