The Society of Malawi Historical and Scientific was formed in 1946, by a group of people interested in the history of Malawi and wanting to record and preserve this history for future generations. Over the 75 years of existence, we feel that the Society has managed to live up to this aim.

As a Society, we have maintained a journal, with two volumes that have been published every year without interuption since 1948. We have in our care a reference library containing important books related to Malawi and a photograph collection of repute. We also managed to maintain a Transport Museum dedicated to the history of transport in Malawi.

One can only look into the impressive collection of our journals all available online on JSTOR to appreciate the wide range of topics we have covered: from butterflies in Malawi, to historical buildings.

The Society holds important historical materials from Malawi to serve future generations. These materials (books, photographs, maps, files etc.) were collected by individuals or enterprises and then donated to the Society of Malawi. Many materials are pre-independence.  These are roughly about 3000 books,12000 photos and 370 maps.

To make this possible many people have given their time, energy and resources. We would like to thank and remember them all.

Celebratory Volume

The Society of Malawi Journal Vol. 74 No. 2 is now available below in electronic format. This is a special ‘Malawian’ edition to celebrate the Society’s first 75 years.

You can now access this as a flip book ahead of the printed copies being ready:

Watch this space! And please get in touch. We need people like you who love Malawi and are interested in history.